For the three-year 2017-2020 partnership with Beebad:
The first energy drink completely natural

A few weeks after the start of the new season, Juventus has a new partner: Beebad, an energy drink that is uniquely positioned on the market. In fact, it is a premium product, based on honey and other natural elements (caffeine, royal jelly, ginseng, propolis, maca) and enriched with vitamins B6-B12, ideal for sports and to maintain mental concentration.

Beebad was born out of an innovative formula, a result of years of development research by Parodi Group, a company that since 1918 is the leader in honey production for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and which, following a trend towards global growth and To innovation, has joined this brand in a new market segment.

Beebad represents Juventus as a partner of excellence globally, thanks in particular to its strong presence throughout the American continent, especially in South America and Europe.