Giovanni Battista Parodi emigrates from Europe to South America. He leaves from Mele (Liguria, Italy) and arrives in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he begins to work in the horticulture sector.


Domingo Juan Parodi (son of Giovanni Battista) begins the commercial activity and transport of goods (sale of fodder, milk, and distribution of horticultural products).


The Parodi family’s first building material business is inaugurated so they can sell goods to the public. In addition, an electric sawmill is established for industrial activity


Juan Marcos Parodi and Santiago Parodi (sons of Domingo) expand their activity towards imports from Europe (sanitary products, galvanized sheets, cement, refined wood and irons)

They also acquire a 400-hectare factory in Buenos Aires, destined for milk production and livestock breeding.


They begin construction of a warehouse of 10,000 square meters for the storage of raw materials (southern area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires).


The “Parodi Combustibles” was born for the distribution of fuels and oils exclusively for YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) in the southern area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires.


Nelson Juan Parodi (son of Santiago) acquires a warehouse and ranch of 7,500 hectares in the province of Santa Fe to raise cattle (4,000 heads).


Construction of the first high-productivity sawmill in Argentina (province of Misiones). The neighborhood of “Nelson Juan Parodi” is established with the goal of providing housing for the sawmill employees.


Diego Parodi (Nelson’s son) begins with the production of beehives.


First export of wholesale honey, wooden packaging and beehives from Argentina for the international market.


Inauguration of the headquarters Matrunita Mediterranea S.r.l. in Italy (the first foreign headquarters of the family business) with the goal of becoming the world leader in import-export trade in honey.


International expansion of the company for the acquisition of honey through the inauguration of the headquarters in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ethiopia, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.


Inauguration of industrial honey processing plant in Italy to serve the European food industry.


Creation of the B2C unit for the development of retail products based on honey: La Dolce Vita (honey), BEEBAD (energy drink), Mr. Honey & Mrs. Fruit (spreadable creams), Apisalus (medical devices).